If a friend or relative has just been arrested and booked in Simi Valley, California, they will be sent to either the Ventura County Main Jail located in Ventura, California or the East Valley Station Jail located in Thousand Oaks, California. Both of which our bail agents (bondsman) are familiar with and have posted many bonds securing the release of defendants in a timely manner. We are Simi Valley Bail Bondsmen, one of, if not the best bail bonds services in Ventura County. As soon as you call us you will be provided with a service no other agents can offer, professional, licensed, courteous, discreet, and confidential.

Local service:  We'll meet you at the jail!

We’ll meet you at the jail

It is our job to make sure the process of bail is simple and quick, while making it as convenient as possible for all involved.

The Simi Valley Police Department is dedicated to serving the community, being pro-active and maintaining the peace. However things can happen, crimes are committed and sometimes a bail bond agent is needed to come along to the Ventura County Main Jail or the East Valley Station Jail to bail someone out. That is when you call our local office, whatever the violation or the size of the bond, call us on our local number of 805-297-1048 and we will get straight to work on your behalf.

Licensed Bail Bondsmen

It is possible to find unlicensed bail bond services but this is something you should avoid ever using. It is illegal first of all, and these people cannot be trusted. While we are not the only licensed service you can turn to, we feel we are the best of them. We have agents with far more experience and understanding, and we can be with you at any time of day or night, when we say 24/7 we mean it. After the person that has been arrested gets processed, checked, fingerprinted, photographed and has been cleared, they can then make arrangements for bail. When you call us we will ask for some simple information. We can complete some of the paperwork and payment over the phone if that suits you better, or we can meet together at whichever jail the detained is being held at.

After Jail Release

Payment is an average of 10% of the bail set in the State of California. The bail amount is decided based on what crime was committed and subsequent bail schedule. At this point timing of the release is more dependent on how busy the jail staff is. Once the person is released though, we can help finish their part of the paperwork and make sure they understand when their court date is and that their attendance is mandatory. We guarantee that from the time we answer your call to the time we say goodbye at the jail we will remain professional, discreet and friendly. So if you need to help bail someone out, call us 24/7 and we will get it done.

More About Simi Valley Law Enforcement

Simi Valley, CA located northwest of L.A. is a large area and is policed by both the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department and the Simi Valley Police Department. Both are located on Alamo Street, not far from the Ranch Tapo Community Park. The police department was formed in 1971 and has grown from a sworn staff of 30 to one of 122. They are split into three main divisions, Operations which covers Patrol and Traffic, Investigative which covers Detective, Special Operations and Auxiliary Services and Critical Support and Logistics. It is actually one of the safest mid-sized cities in America, a fact of which we are all very proud.

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